Solar powered NVR/CCTV

Solar powered NVR/CCTV


Network Video Recorder is used in combination with network Cameras (IP-CAM) it allow
users to simultaneously record and have access to recorded images and videos anywhere in
the world, it provides a greater control over the security systems as it can be managed via
the internet in so much that you are sitting miles away from your home or offices and
monitoring events around your home or offices.

They are equipped with artificial intelligence, motion detectors and user friendly Graphic User
Interface(GUI) and other excellent features. It offers ability to scrub back at many hours of
recorded video for clarification and it is highly customizable to suit your needs

Its low consumption prowess makes powering the device with solar a suitable option hence
you do not need to worry about generator, its IR LED or simply infrared LED is used to
supply lighting for the NVR cameras to see in dark and low light conditions which are turned
off at day time. Through those small red lights, images are captured in the dark by means of
infrared. But since the infrared light is only visible to the camera and not to the naked eye,
infrared is suitable in areas where security is needed. In addition, the power consumption of
IR LED illuminators used for CCTV cameras is low, thus helping to decrease power costs.


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