Solar Lights

Solar Lights


Our solar street/security lights are known as stand-alone lighting systems, that is
each pole is independent of any power source except the Sun. it works automatically
by using the sun energy to charge up the system during the day and switch on by
itself at night, and off in the morning, it has little or no maintenance for about 3-8 years
and have a life span of about 25years and above for the Solar Panel. They are quality
lighting system for residential, streets, parking lots, work way and security lighting.
The applications for solar powered outdoor lighting systems are endless.
* Easy Installation – No wiring required.
* Installaton and transfer is easy
* No more waiting for utility company.
* Low installation cost.
* Easily and quickly deployed in almost
any location.
* No wiring from the grid.
* No cuts through existing road, sidewalks or
* No maintenance.
* No utility bill.
* Maintenance free batteries.
* Component lifetime of 30-40 years (Solar Panel).
The costs of trenching and installing underground wiring often makes a solar street lighting system economically feasible and at a lower cost.

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