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Solar powered NVR/CCTV

SOLAR POWERED NVR/CCTV SURVEILLANCE CAMERA Network Video Recorder is used in combination with network Cameras (IP-CAM) it allow users to simultaneously record and have access

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Solar Lights

SOLAR POWERED STREET LIGHT AND SECURITY LIGHTS Our solar street/security lights are known as stand-alone lighting systems, that is each pole is independent of any

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Ground Mounting Devices

all kind of ground mounting devices are available @ Arthur energy Technology Ltd    

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Portable Solar Generator

PORTABLE SOLAR  Generator This is a Silent Multipurpose AC & DC Power Provider, anytime anywhere. This is a small Solar Package which can be used to

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Power Backups

Inverter Power Backups  system Inverter Power Backups system consists of an inverter with battery, charger and battery bank, it converts stored DC battery power to 120v

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Solar Tricycle

First Solar powered tricycle in Nigeria Arthur Energy Technology Limited locally assembled the first solar powered tricycle in Nigeria that operates without fuel, or diesel, but

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Inverter Back-up system

INVERTER POWER BACK-UP SYSTEM Inverter Power Backups system consists of an inverter with battery, charger and battery bank, it converts stored DC battery power to

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These are ranges of our Solar hybrid Powered Vehicles, which we assembled here in Nigeria Base on our efforts to revolutionize transportation by offering highly

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Solar Billboards

SOLAR POWERED ULTRA WAVE BILLBOARDS Similar to the conventional billboard, we have as well introduced our solar technology in powering ULTRA WAVE BILLBOARDS with a

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Solar Home/Office power system

SOLAR HOME & OFFICE POWER SYSTEM This is an alternative means of providing electricity through the sun by the use of Solar Panel, Charge Controller,

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Solar Refrigerator

SOLAR POWERED REFRIGERATOR Solar Powered Refrigerator, work the same way as regular refrigerator the exception is instead of using an alternating current(AC) as power source

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Solar Water Heater

SOLAR WATER HEATER Solar water heater of all glass evacuated tube collector integrated with storage tank, are ideal for both domestic and industrial applications where

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Solar Pumping Machine

SOLAR POWERED WATER PUMPING MACHINE This is either surface or submersible water pump being powered by solar system. Mainly used for irrigation farming, community water

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Solar Air Conditioner

SOLAR POWERED AIR CONDITIONER Solar Powered Air Conditioning is very logical; when the sun is hot outside the solar air condition works better to cool

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Solar Telecom Systems

SOLAR POWERED TELECOM SYSTEMS In the Mobile Industries, powering base station is always a big problem due to high cost of diesel and other fossil

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Solar ATM Machine

SOLAR POWERED ATM MACHINE In the Banking Industries, powering of ATM machine tends to be a big challenge due to erratic nature of our national

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