Complete Solar Powered Refrigerator

A solar-powered refrigerator is a refrigerator which runs on energy directly provided by sun, and may include photovoltaic or solar thermal energy.

Solar-powered refrigerators are able to keep perishable goods such as meat and dairy cool in hot climates, and are used to keep much needed vaccines at their appropriate temperature to avoid spoilage.
Solar-powered refrigerators may be most commonly used in the developing world to help mitigate poverty and climate change.

  • Extremely powerful DC compressor cooling system with minimum power consumption
  • Mechanical temperature control, stylish interior light,
  • Adaptor meet AC 110V-220V Voltage .And can charge by Solar Panel directly . Capacity:42L/166L(1.483cu.ft/5.862cu.ft)
  • Including a A grade solar 18V 150W solar panel ,AC adaptor and refrigerator and a secret solar gift.


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