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The Arthur Energy Solar Academy (AESA) we focus on providing top quality training and pre-sales support. We organize and lead training sessions on our line of inverter products and PV solutions. With a range of topics covering the needs of installers, system designers and technical sales teams, AESA is the one-stop solution to get in-depth knowledge about the PV industry, the Arthur Energy range of products and applications.

On-site support

Preliminary project investigation, design recommendation and installation guide
System design Customized service according to actual situation of your project
Technical consulting System solution advice, bidding support and technical response
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Traning Topics

1.Solar Academy Introduction

2.Residential Solar System Solution Introduction

3.Small and Medium Commercial Solar System Solution Introduction

4.Large Commercial and Ground Utility Solar System Solution Introduction

5.Bifacial PV Panels System solution

6.Arthur Energy Tech Export Limitation Introduction

7.The Power Station Management Solution For Distributor/Installer

8.Arthur Energy Tech Energy Storage Solution Introduction

9.AC Coupling Retrofit Storage Solution-SBP

10.Bidirection Storage Solution-ES (100A charge/discharge)

11.Bidirection Storage Solution-EM (50A charge/discharge)

12.Three Phase Storage Solution-ET Series

13.DC Coupling Retrofit Storage Solution-BP

14. Arthur Energy Tech Monitoring APP User Guide

15.Arthur Energy Tech Troubleshooting For On-grid Inverter

16.Arthur Energy TechMonitoring Website User Guide

17.String Inverter and Central Inverter Comparison

18.Solar Industry Trend Analysis

19.Arthur Energy Tech and Tigo Solution

20.Arthur Energy Tech Datalogger-EzLogger Pro Introduction

21.The Third Party Monitoring Devices Compatible With Arthur Energy Tech Inverter

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Arthur Energy Technology Ltd, (De Solar People) is a reputable name in Engineering, Consultants, Contractors & Providers of Renewable Energy.
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