Barking Dog Alarms (Security Gadgets)

Barking Dog Alarms (Security Gadgets)

Barking DOG alarm

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Ever fear the very sight of your dog biting a visitor or you love to keep one but hate the attendance challenges.

Guard dogs are excellent security guards and defenders for your home. However, larger dogs require lots of attention, training, not to mention the pet food and vet bills. Some house owners simply lack the time or money required to properly look after a dog. In other cases, elderly are too fragile and slow to keep up with a lively dog. If you wish to deter criminals with the vision of a fearsome guard dog, but don’t want to deal with any of the downsides, then what you need is a barking dog alarm.


Related imageBarking dog alarm are design to perfectly mimic the noise an angry dog makes

when someone enters the house. The moment criminals hear the loud barking they’ll most likely turn back and run in panic.

The traditional barking dog alarm can be connected to any power outlet, and it reliably guards your doors 24/7. It’s small, light and features a built-in radar that picks up movement in a medium radius. The key feature of the Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog is that the artificial barking becomes louder and more intense as you approach it, which might convince even a veteran burglar.

It’s ideal for small and large homes alike, even for apartments. Because the alarm is only triggered in close proximity, it won’t disturb the neighbors either.

How to Use a Barking Dog Alarm

When speaking about barking dog alarms, we mean the motion of using a pre-recorded growling, howling and snarling a guard dog makes when sensing an intruder. This can be either played by an alarm, or played from a soundtrack in your CD player. There are quite a lot of “hits” out there, featuring a CD full of dog noises. Elderly may even want to put on this CD every now and then, even while they are at home, since it gives them peace of mind. The other option is a special alarm that only plays the bark noises when the radar senses movement. Of course, the device cannot differentiate friends from enemies, but people usually turn it on while away. Better safe than sorry.

When an intruder enters the area of protection, the alarm automatically begins barking like an angry German Shepard. From outside, it sounds like you have a very unfriendly canine inside.

With it’s radar eyes, the alarm can “see” through thick doors, walls and glass.

The closer a person gets, the louder and more ferocious the barking seems to grow. This lets those burglars or intruders know that the dwelling isn’t empty.

Most criminals would try to find an easier home to break into rather than deal with a ferocious animal.

This device can protect homes, apartments, mobile homes, RV’s, jewelry stores, hotels, factories, warehouses, public and private buildings of virtually every kind. Includes a remote control to arm and disarm the unit.

Deter and Defend

Even though dog bark alarms put your mind at rest, depending solely on them is bold, to say the least. You must understand that deterring criminals from your house and defending your house from criminals are two separate actions. Just think about it: a seasoned criminal is experienced enough to spot the difference, and once they get and incling that is just an alarm, they’ll feel twice as devoted to raid your house. You must prepare for the worst case scenario and deploy some alarms, preferably some cameras too. Home security companies offer many different packages tailored to your needs, so you’ll definitely find a cost effective solution that still includes top-quality motion sensors, detectors and alarms.

NVR Cameras

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