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Welcome to Arthur Energy Technology Ltd 

Arthur Energy Technology Ltd, (the solar Giant) is a reputable name in Engineering, Consultants, Contractors & Providers of Renewable Energy. We are a leading solution provider for total facilities and management of alternative, reliable & renewable energy

  • Incorporation

    The Company was incorporated in February 2009. Since then we have been at the forefront of Renewable Energy Projects in Africa ranging from Domestic to Industrial installations

  • Key Note

    We are now in the frontiers of other African Countries championing crusade for Renewable Energy and Carbon Credit facility, while Reducing Our Carbon Foot Print.

  • Range of Services

    We design and sell solar power systems from more than 500 top solar companies. That means at Arthur Energy, you can shop more than 15,000 renewable energy products from us

  • Expertise and Personal

    Whether you are a weekend warrior wanting to do-it-yourself, a homeowner comparing quotes, or a professional contractor, our expertise and personal service are intended to anticipate your needs and help you do it right the first time, at the lowest possible cost

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Mail Us: ceo@arthurenergy.com
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importance of renewable energy

With the deplorable state of power generation and distribution from the national grid coupled with the high cost of running generators which has negatively impacted and still unleashing untold hardship on every sector of the economy we are providing relief through our sort after renewable energy System.

Renewable Energy source do not and will never run out like fossil fuels or nuclear energy. it requires little or no maintenance at all. it is durable and reliable. it will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by generators, due to these characteristics the renewable energy has been universally referred to as “the ultimate energy source for 21st century”

Owning a renewable energy System is like owning a house which is all about developing equity and retaining value. Using the national power source where constant bills are paid or running a generator is like renting a house which is a never ending expenses so choose wisely


With over 20 years of practical experience, arthur energy technology Ltd should be your first and final bus-stop for all of your renewable energy installation from Grid to Off-Grid Systems and Solar Street Lights


Are you a technician or a DIY enthusiasts and needs solar energy components parts quickly pay a visit to any of our offices or put a call through to buy any of our products at affordable prices with FULL WARRANTY


Our Integrated Solar Vehicle is geared towards creating alternative source of energy to power vehicles, its affordable and cost effective, does not use fuel or oil and it is eco friendly


Our Training programmes are flexible and 100% practical based, enrol today to become a certified solar technician

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We can boast of the best Solar Engineers in the Industry Excellent Customer Service and Quality Service Delivery


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